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Prices Varies per service. [1jobcan include multi comps
Basic, preventative, & remote maintenance, New system setup - 10-120$ [per job]
-short on site, 10-30$ for less then 3hours
-30-80$ for 3-6 hours
-80-120$ for 6+ including multi day long job.

Advanced SW repair system maintenance, including complex issues, anti-viral care.
30-200$ +Replacement costs (only if needed) [system configuration, & setup included]
-short (onsite or remote) 30-50$
-Full system wipe& recovery 50$+
-data recovery* (recovery from damaged HW not guaranteed)-50$+ 10$ per 100GB
-Complex multiple issues, & care, with multiple systems 100$+

System builds Varied$ (free prep/talking)
Restricted to UTA Serviced area only, with long walking
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