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Gay Activist Calls for Buttars’ Resignation

All for One Initiative founder Jacob Whipple is calling for the resignation of Sen. Chris Buttars after comments Buttars made were aired on ABC 4 News Tuesday evening.

“The Senator again made inflammatory, derogative, demeaning, and insensitive remarks which were mostly aimed at the LGBT community and their allies, including the ACLU,” Whipple stated in a release.

In the news story, Buttars calls the gay community “immoral,” “taken over by the radical side,” “diseased,” and “abomination” and “the meanest buggers he’s ever seen.”


“In response to Senator Buttars’ remarks, I am calling for Sen. Buttars’ resignation and removal from the office of senator. He is a disgrace to his position of senator and should not just be removed from his committees (as he was last year) but should be removed completely from office,” Whipple demanded. He urged like-minded Utahns to email Senate Majority Leader Mike Waddoups to ask him for Buttars’ removal. He also asked people to contact Gov. Jon Huntsman’s office.

“However, I ask that all correspondence with Senator Waddoups and Senator Buttars be professional, polite, and respectful,” Whipple continued. “Please don’t echo the same tones and hate that Senator Buttars used in the interview. I ask that you express you hurt and outrage, but do so in a responsible and politically polite manner.”

Buttars’ words have since been picked up by The Salt Lake Tribune,, KSL-TV and blogs internationally.



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