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SNAP: U of U Pride Week

We’ve always loved the University of Utah’s Pride Week festivities, but this year’s schedule just blew us away. We can think of no better choice for the event’s keynote speaker than Dan Choi, the eloquent, thoughtful and entirely principled infantry officer who publicly came out as gay and put his career on the line to oppose the military’s hypocritical Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Choi’s moving keynote speech and his presentation given during a panel discussion about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell were powerful reminder to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Utahns — and youth in particular — to stand  up for our principles, our families, and our integrity in these troubled political times. The screening of The Life and Times of Harvey Milk underscored this message beautifully, and Thea Hillman (author of Intersex: For Lack of a Better Word) as a guest poet served as a reminder of the vast diversity of our people and our culture. Bravo to the LGBT Resource Center and all who helped organize this week for making it one of the best we’ve ever seen.

SLAP: South Salt Lake City Police Department

After D.J. Bell’s press conference on Oct. 5, we’re wondering if we should just reserve a spot on our list for the department until further notice. Not only did the cops on the scene conduct a half-assed investigation worthy of Police Academy’s iconic bumblers. Not only did they fail to arrest anyone who obviously participated in the brutal beating against Bell and his partner Dan Fair. Not only did they apparently take just a handful of crime scene photographs and leave Bell and Fair’s house unsecured. They also had the gall to criticize the media for misrepresenting “the investigative facts” of their “proper” investigation while, in the same breath, referring to Dan Fair as Bell’s “roommate.” Uh, guys? If you want to look like you’re on the ball, it’s usually a good idea to get the relationship between victims right before blaming the fact that you look like fools on those fact-misrepresenting meanie heads in the press. Unless, of course, you meant roommate as code for “saying ‘boyfriend’ or ‘partner’ means acknowledging gay people, so we just won’t.” Seriously, you didn’t mean it that way, right? Either way, we agree with you on one thing: It’s best that you won’t be giving any further comments on the case in the near future.

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