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Sundance: Next year: A room in Park City

Well, we are deep in the throes of Sundance and have already missed our first screening due to parking and transit issues.

We have also met the only other writer here for a queer media outlet, Evan Mulvihill of Queerty.

I’m not having fun getting anything to show on my phone, as every person on the street – and there  are many people on the street, is walking around with a smartphone clogging up the system. So, photos are largely having to wait until I can find a hot spot.

We went to an afterparty for Invisible War, which we will see today at 12:30 (if I get done with this in time).

We also attended the afterparty for Ira Sachs’ Keep the Lights On, which has a ton of Sundance buzz. We will also see that today.

Back up the canyon in the snow for us. TTYL.


Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron is the editor and publisher of QSaltLake. He has been active in Utah's gay and lesbian community since the early 80s and published two publications then and in the 90s.

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