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Fabulous feet: Footwear fashion for fall

Footwear can complete an outfit – even define it. And while other rules and trends may apply to pants, shirts, belts and accessorizing, shoes are in a fashion world of their own.

“The first rule to remember is wear whatever you’re comfortable with,” said Jessica Hughes, a spokesperson for Bastille clothing in Salt Lake City. “There are a lot of ideas that you can use to maximize impact, but don’t let supposed rules hold you back: Boots in summer? Why not? Bold colors in winter? Sure! Just go for it!”

However, there are some pointers for maximum impact, and Hughes uses the impressive stock of locally made Zurrick shoes to show how to have the most fashionable feet in the city.

  1. Try making a statement with shoes: Go bold, bright and beautiful and then have a soft color T-shirt and a dark pair of jeans or chinos. This is a perfect look to draw attention without wearing a billboard of bright colors.
  2. Watch for darker solid colors this winter and fall: Color blocking (using solid colors to play off one another) is still recommended, but match the season with navy blue or dark brown instead of the bright baby blue.
  3. Experiment with design and fabric: Watch for more weathered looks this fall and winter. Also, boots for both men and women are going to be huge.

Check out the stock of Zurrick shoes for men, women and the undecided at Bastille, 79 S. Rio Grande St., at the Gateway Mall or online at The expertly designed store also carries an enormous selection of G-Star, Marc Jacobs and other gay-approved apparel.



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