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TEA of Utah acquires new programs, expands offerings

Written by Bob Henline

Today the Transgender Education Advocates of Utah (TEA of Utah) announced that it has acquired two transgender support organizations, Trans*Utah and UtahTransMed, and that the programs will continue to operate under the direction of TEA.

Trans*Utah is primarily a social network group, formed in 2010.  Immediately upon its formation, Trans*Utah merged with TGUtah and has been jointly administered by TGUtah founder Joni Weiss and Grace Liston.  Trans*Utah currently boasts approximatly 300 members through their website and Facebook networks.

In 2011 Dr. Henry Malus formed UtahTransMed as a comprehensive medical and mental health referral system for transgender individuals.  In early 2014 Malus turned UtahTransMed over to Weiss, who had been functioning as the website content coordinator.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about Trans*Utah and UtahTransMed joining TEA of Utah,” said TEA executive director Connie Anast-Inman.  “Both of these groups have become life’s blood to transgender individuals and are of the utmost importance to healthy living and growth for everyone.”

TEA of Utah is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education of businesses, public agencies and communities regarding transgender issues as well as providing support and advocacy for the transgender community in Utah.

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Bob Henline

Bob Henline is the Assistant Editor of QSalt Lake Magazine, as well as a columnist and social/political activist and amateur chef.


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