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Facebook donates $10,000 to Reyes’ campaign

Bob Henline
Written by Bob Henline

According to disclosures filed with the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s office, Facebook, Inc. donated $10,000 to the campaign of Attorney General Sean Reyes on May 13, 2014.

Facebook, according to its “diversity” page, “values the impact that every individual can have. We are dedicated to creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves and share their diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and ideas.”

When asked about the donation to the person who has arguably become the face of legal opposition to marriage equality in America, a Facebook spokesperson responded with:

“Facebook has a strong record on LGBT issues and that will not change, but we make decisions about which candidates to support based on the entire portfolio of issues important to our business, not just one. A contribution to a candidate does not mean that we agree with every policy or position that candidate takes. We made this donation for the same reason we’ve donated to Attorneys General on the opposite side of this issue – because they are committed to fostering innovation and an open Internet.”

The spokesperson also made note of three pro-equality candidates to whom Facebook has also contributed substantial financial support.

When pressed further about which specific issues earned Reyes Facebook’s support, the reply was a curt, “He’s worked on Internet safety and patent reform.”  Requests for specific instances of such work or statements have gone unanswered.

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Bob Henline

Bob Henline

Bob Henline is the Assistant Editor of QSalt Lake Magazine, as well as a columnist and social/political activist and amateur chef.


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