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Letter: Dave Robinson

I was very moved by the feature about Dave Robinson, Republican candidate for Salt Lake County mayor.

I’m  so saddened and angry about how humans are so hatefully treated in the name of religion.  Sometimes, I’ve questioned my frequently-published letters to the local print media in which I’ve been extremely outspoken about what I see as the harm that the L.D.S. belief system has caused over the years. Sometimes I’ve questioned my rationale in doing all I can to enlighten people about  this harm. Mr. Robinson’s story of how he was, and still is, rejected so hatefully by his family encourages me to continue my campaign about the pain and family breakups caused by this belief system.

I was never a Mormon. but I attend at 11 a.m. every Sunday at Kafenio’s Coffee House to support post-Mormons. I frequently hear of so  much pain caused when someone becomes, enlightened and disillusioned. Once I noticed a young man, probably about 19 years old, seated by himself at Kafenios. I approached him to inquire if he was looking for the post-Mormon group. He sadly looked up to me and said, “I’ve just lost all my family and friends.

—Ted Ottinger



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