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Straight-ticket voting lacks responsibility

Does anyone remember Kevin Garn, the Utah legislator, who was found in a hot tub with an underage girl? How about Alan Howe, and  another legislator arrested for soliciting sex with prostitutes?

This is what happens when you vote for a party instead of really looking at your ballot and electing a person. The disease of lazy, straight-ticket voting is the rotten core of our electoral system.

In 2014, nearly 200,000 voters — representing 33.5 percent of votes — punched a straight party ballot. During the last presidential cycle in 2012, 376,514 Utah voters punched straight tickets — 36.6 percent of all votes cast.

And we wonder why our system is in its current state.

We the voters have abdicated our responsibility to choose our leaders. We have given that job to party officials and delegates who we follow in lockstep.

If we want our candidates to be better, and our country to be better, we need to be better. We need to look closely at those who want to represent us, and demand that they do better. The responsibility is ours and we need to accept that responsibility and act upon it.

—Becky Moss, Millcreek, Utah



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