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Benefit Screening of ‘ALASKA IS A DRAG’ in Salt Lake City

Written by Staff

A benefit screening for the feature film ALASKA IS A DRAG, written and directed by Salt Lake City native Shaz Bennett is happening this Saturday, July 15 at 7:30 p.m. at The Post Theatre, 245 S. Fort Douglas Blvd.

The film is a “Fish out of water story – literally,” according to the director/writer.

“Our hero Leo is an aspiring superstar (Martin L. Washington Jr.) stuck working in a fish cannery in Alaska. Leo sees disco balls in the scales of the fish he slices. Everyone who slices fish all day, daydreams – Leo’s are glamtastic. Most of the time, Leo and his twin sister Tristen (Maya Washington) are left to fend for themselves. To escape the monotony of fist fights and fish guts, they create their own magic – the Northern Lights follow them.

They hang out at the one gay bar in a hundred miles, owned by their surly surrogate mom – Jan (Margaret Cho). Their real mom (Nia Peeples) left years ago and their dad George (Kevin Daniels) preaches on the side of the road.

After years of getting beat up by his former best friend, Kyle (Christopher O’Shea), Leo has learned to fight back – his skills catch the eye of his cannery boss, an amateur boxer (Jason Scott Lee) who offers to train him to be a fighter. And when the new kid in town, Declan (Matt Dallas), wants to be his sparring partner – Leo’s world turns upside down.

When Tristen enters Leo in a drag competition – he’s never performed for anyone but her – his worlds collide – the drag audition falls on the same day as the qualifying round for boxing and Leo has to face the real reason, he’s afraid to leave Alaska.

This film is not rated, but would likely be a PG-13 due to language and violence.

The screening is free, though donations toward the production of the film are welcome.

Reserve a ticket at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/benefit-screening-of-alaska-is-a-drag-in-salt-lake-city-tickets-35947015491

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