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Video: James and Dain: ‘Beaten up for being gay’ sparks online debate

Beaten up for being gay

Beaten up for being gay - James and Dain were enjoying a night out together when they were followed out of a nightclub and attacked. The assault has left physical and emotional scars.

Posted by BBC Stories on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Facebook post from BBC Stories about a young UK gay couple, James and Dain, has caused a viral response from both the pro- and anti-homosexuality camps. The post includes a video of the couple reflecting on a horrific night in Brighton, UK, when they were brutally beaten outside a nightclub for being gay. There has been nearly 8 million views, over 20,000 shares and more than 2,000 comments. Below is just a snippet on both sides of the issue.

The video of James and Dain:

Vincent Ray Lilly Vincent Ray Lilly I didn’t know it was safe to be gay anywhere God said not to do it so we shouldnt

Emma Bradbury Fell So its OK for these people to nearly kill 2 boys just because god said ItS not ok? Thou shalt not kill? Did u forget that? Treat others how you wish to be treated? Ur view is disturbing
Vincent Ray Lilly I never said it was ok at all the abuse the violence anything hate crime is more so unacceptable than the men being gay, neither are allowed but both will prevail even though violence and hatred and gays are wrong it’s not right to act offensively in any manner towards them if your gay, find by me I can’t save your soul from hell thats up to Jesus and God not me, but the violence and hatred can and should be stopped.
 Penny Lynne Bass-Wilson Actually it says absolutely nothing about 2 men loving each other.
 Vincent Ray Lilly No man shall lay with another man is in the Bible and it does refer to sex so you can love but you can’t touch think about it next time
Jodie Deadman Vincent you are everything that is wrong with the world. IF there was a god, it would embrace love in all forms. Your backwards thinking is what leads to the raising of these thugs. Love is love.
 Pops Roberts Vincent Ray Lilly What if they do it standing up?
 Sparklee Romiti God didn’t “say” it. It was written by whom? .. we don’t even know.
 Zandy Lee Please, do you follow every part of the Bible, written by man, supposedly inspired by God, each and every day faithfully and relentlessly? Do you pray 24/7 as the Bible calls for or show love (this comment isn’t very loving)? If not, shut up. Regardless of their sexuality, violence is NEVER ok.
 Zandy Lee And find a passage where Jesus talks about homosexuality. Please.
 Sue Thomas Shut up with your religious rubbish
 Peter Andrew Henson God also forbid eating meat with dairy. How many cheeseburgers have you had
 Makaela Hallenbeck Vincent Ray Lilly, Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate.
Karen Brown Makaela Hallenbeck best thing I’ve read on here for a long time.
 Makaela Hallenbeck I could have ranted on but I digress. Doubt he will even respond. 
 Jon Darnell Oh your god? Which one is that? With the beard, robe, the one that is hugging the prophet? I’m straight and this behaviour is insane, to attack someone because they are gay shows the complete lack of any intelligence or education
 Matthew Barclay Any Muslims care to give there take on this ? What guidance does the Qur’an give on matters like this ? I’m sure the prophet Mohammed would not approve of this homophobic attack ? 
 Natalie Belanger I dated a Muslim man for 8 years,a wonderful man at that.I had two dads.My bf respected my fathers as my fathers respected him.They got very close and understood the difficulties they both endured…They never judged each other.They both believed that love is what matters,respect and understanding…Does not matter what god you pray too because everyone of them preach the same love for your fellow man and woman.
 Peter Antony Rogers If this is happening in gay friendly Brighton, then what the hell is undoubtedly going on in the rest of the country! Shocking & it’s all down to how people are raised! Teach your kids that love is love!
 Alan LaFerriere The Bible say’s Homosexuality is a sin, : God does not allow His love to be used as an excuse to live a sinful lifestyle. I know you must love all of your children–that does not mean you stand idly by and condone, facilitate, and /pay/ for their sinfuSee More
 MD Abdullah Probably they were making out in street and some dude didn’t like it and attacked on em. Don’t trust these media tho

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