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Laws of Physics Bent

By Bob Borgogno

I live in a life full of contradictions, which hasn’t bothered me until recently. Middle-aged me has noticed them. The deliciousness of tasting all the pleasures and joys that I have throughout my life has left me fat and empty.

As I was washing my face this morning, I was startled and a little surprised at the me that was looking at me in the mirror. Fat . . . Empty . . . and Old was looking at me!

Why! I screamed in my mind. Why must I go through the agony of living into oldness? I only planned to live until 30, and not a day older!

Statistics lie! The laws of physics can and do get bent. By “God” perhaps? More likely it’s just a fraudulent law, like most are.

“It’s fucking not cool,” I said out loud. Then I noticed the color in my eyes. I hadn’t noticed that in a long time. I didn’t recognize my own eyes! They were strange and new. I think I even saw a light sparkle. Then I noticed that my hair didn’t look like its usual unruly crap. My skin looked slightly browned. The sun had started to blend my freckled tone into a smooth tan, like it did in my younger days.

What is that? I thought. My heartbeat became noticeable. I got a little jolt of adrenaline. Aside from the wrinkles at the corners of my mouth (I blame sucking on cigarettes), I looked good—not old or raggedy as I had been for like three years now.

Has physics bent for me, again? I wondered. Then I decided I didn’t care why I was looking better. Just whatever it is, please keep bending the middle-aged me back to my happy gluttonous self so I can continue my quest for deliciousness!

Gay Writes is a DiverseCity Series writing group, a program of SLCC’s Community Writing Center. The group meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 6:30-8 p.m., 210 E. 400 South, Ste. 8, Salt Lake.


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