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‘Love Makes a Family Potluck’

With the help of The Utah Pride Center, Baptist Church coordinator and other community leaders, we are hosting an event celebrating family love, “Love Makes a Family Potluck” at the First Baptist Church, 777 S. 1300 East, April 7, at 5 p.m., wrote event co-host, Jacob Gorringe. This will be a family-oriented event and all families are welcome, regardless of their dynamic (children with LGBTQ parents, parents with LGBTQ children, families with adopted children, foster families, children with family guardians, and families with heterosexual parents).

It will bring a family community together and together bring more awareness that it is love that makes a family. This will be an opportunity for one family to get, that there’s not much different from one family to the other. LGBTQ children will see loving LGBT couples. The real magic that will take place is children who once thought they were the only ones with two moms or two dads, will find themselves playing with other kids with the same family dynamic. And out of this, children will grow up with a newfound community and newfound understanding of what really makes a family.

This event will also be a fundraiser for the Utah Pride Center to support transitioning into their new location. Through the education, support, services, and events that have come from the Pride Center, a huge difference has been made for many, including my family. For my father in coming out as an openly gay man. For my siblings and I in coming to embrace our father as a gay man, continued Gorringe.

There is an immediate need for the word to get out about this event. Perhaps to make a difference for that one child that will be bellied coming home from school tomorrow because he has two mom or two dads. There is also a need for media attention at the event, so families are aware of the next event.

It is not about how good we can look out of putting on a big event. It’s not about having the spotlight. It’s about making a difference for that one child.

Check out the public Facebook event,



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