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Antarctica’s first pride celebration

A group of 10 LGBTI people working on Antarctica, decided to celebrate the first Pride at the South Pole. They are working on the United States’ McMurdo Station about 850 miles from the South Pole. The group decided to take a photo with the rainbow flag ahead of June’s Pride month. By June, the continent is shrouded in darkness 24 hours a day. So the group had to get the photo before then.

“Why not take this photo and let people see that there’s queer representation — even at the end of the earth,” Shawn Waldron told New Now Next. The workers at the station host LGBTI events every couple of weeks. They also plan to hold a more significant and official Pride event in June.

Rainbow flags and high heels: S. Korea holds debut Drag Parade

South Korea held its first ever drag parade last weekend, a small but significant step for rights activists in a country that remains deeply conservative when it comes to gender and sexuality. Dozens of drag queens and kings marched through Itaewon on Saturday, a suburb of Seoul best known for its nightlife and a nascent but vibrant gay scene. Carrying rainbow flags, they cheered and strutted their best outfits, receiving shouts of support and the odd baffled look from those they passed. While homosexuality is legal in South Korea, same-sex marriage is not, and people may not legally change their birth gender.

As Supreme Court nears wedding cake decision, more LGBT rights issues loom

A flood of lawsuits over LGBT rights is making its way through courts and will continue, no matter the outcome in the Supreme Court’s highly anticipated decision in the case of a Colorado baker who would not create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Courts are engaged in two broad types of cases on this issue, weighing whether sex discrimination laws apply to LGBT people and also whether businesses can assert religious objections to avoid complying with anti-discrimination measures in serving customers, hiring and firing employees, providing health care and placing children with foster or adoptive parents.

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