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Mitt Romney wins Senate nomination in Utah

Washington Post — Utah Republicans last night nominated 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney for U.S. Senate, weeks after he narrowly lost their endorsement at a party convention. Romney, who won the state by a landslide in his White House bid and who is still widely beloved for managing the 2002 Winter Olympics, defeated Republican legislator Mark Kennedy in a campaign that cooled off after both candidates said they largely supported President Trump.

Romney is seen as the heavy favorite in November over Democrat Jenny Wilson, a Salt Lake City politician.

Jared Polis wins Colorado Democratic primary for governor

Colorado Independent — Jared Polis has won Colorado’s Democratic primary for governor. Polis, 43, is a five-term congressman from Boulder who, if elected in November’s general election, would be the first openly gay governor in the nation.

“Together,” he said last night to a crowd of supporters, “we can prove that in our America, in our Colorado, anything is possible. Let’s get to work.”

How to kill LGBT marriage equality, one wedding cake, and a bouquet of flowers at a time

Daily Beast — Is it a hot potato, a tennis ball? Maybe both. The “it” is LGBT rights and equality, and the two sides eyeing its mysterious, contested trajectory high in the air are LGBT rights campaigners and those who believe that their “religious freedom” is threatened by baking a wedding cake for a same-sex couple or providing them with flowers. On Monday, SCOTUS sent back for further consideration a Washington Supreme Court ruling that went against a flower shop, Arlene’s Flowers Inc., which declined to make an arrangement for Curt Freed and Robert Ingersoll’s marriage.

ISIS is beaten. But Iraq is still Hell for LGBT+ people

Daily Beast — Family threats, militia murders, persecution, and fear: The first ever study of its kind by advocacy group IraQueer reveals a heart-wrenching portrait of LGBT life in Iraq. Omar is a 28-year-old gay Iraqi who now lives in Lebanon. “My boyfriend was killed in February 2017,” he said. “We had been together for two years, and he was my only support system. Shortly after that, I had to escape to save my life.”

Omar and his dead partner are far from alone. Ninety-six percent of LGBT+ Iraqis have faced some form of verbal or physical violence, the first-ever study of LGBT life and experience in Iraq has found.

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