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New web series inspired by need for more LGBTQ inclusion in film

A new queer web series that offers a refreshing take on LGBTQ representation

Not So Artful Productions released on May 14 a new web series, Grosse Misconduct — a six-part digital series that depicts an eccentric Human Resources team as they navigate personal and professional struggles under the leadership of their high-maintenance director, Mitch Grosse.

It stars transgender actress Pooya Mohseni (Iranian-American transgender activist) as Alicia Castile, Anne Schroeder as Sarah Wilson, Steve Barkman as Brian Lambert and Colby Ryan as Mitch Grosse.

The new network series Champions and Instinct, the recent film Love, Simon, and the hugely popular drama Pose inspired creators/writers/executive producers Ryan and Anne Schroeder.

They seek to spotlight more LGBTQ characters in leading roles, featuring narratives that show how alike we all are, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

To that end, Grosse Misconduct does not feature a coming-out story or anyone struggling with gender identity. The characters are living, loving, working, arguing and celebrating, and their stories can now be more accessible than ever — not just in film and television, but for a new generation of smartphone viewers with short attention spans.

Even if we see strides in this type of programming, representation matters now more than ever, especially when it comes to transgender actors. While there seems to be an overwhelming move toward diversity with LGBTQ-centric narratives and characters popping up in movies these past few years, still major studios are behind when it comes to a fully embraced culture of inclusion.
In fact, GLAAD’s annual Studio Responsibility Index recently noted a drop in the representation of LGBTQ people in films in the past year.
Ryan and Schroeder, along with director Mitchell Lazar and producer Daniel Sorochkin, aim to create and celebrate work that better represents the full spectrum of LGBTQ communities, and features characters that are identifiable and relatable to all audiences.
To watch all six episodes visit



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