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Author - Gay Writes

Gay Writes

Not strong enough

By Alonzo Douglass On my 24th birthday, I sat with family and friends to open gifts. When I got to...

Gay Writes


By Chuck Tabaracci As the Easter holiday came and went, as with other major holidays, I am reminded...

Gay Writes

Police officers

by Keith Turner [Trigger warning: domestic abuse] Our community has a difficult and sometimes...

Gay Writes

Three poems

By Richard Clegg SLIPPED AWAY Today I threw your slippers away They’d slipped astray Until I found...

Gay Writes

Four poems

By Ked Kirkham VIRGAE Virgae, Ahead of the cold front. Pushed, Propelled, Catching light Of the...

Gay Writes

Three Poems

By Thomas Cushman Interstate Communion Driving along the Interstate, in the West, on an early...